Noh Gajang is the main protagonist of the webtoon/novel Peerless Dad.

He is the adopted son and disciple of Mo Wei and the successor of the Trillion Blows Art.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Noh's appearance is that of a very typical man, dark hair and dark eyes. Due to his martial art, his body is incredibly well built, so much so that his veins are constantly visible.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Noh's personality is that of an average man: he likes to drink, play and socialize. Despite his easy going and at times lazy nature, Noh is extremely diligent and far more intelligent than he may at first seem. Noh exercises his body every day without exception and is capable of adapting to situations incredibly quickly due to his prior experience as a mercenary.

At the start of the series, Noh lacks common sense when it comes to gauging the strength of others and himself. In his eyes, everyone who isn't from "Murim" is weak, but everyone who is has to be incredibly powerful.

Noh fears the world of "Murim" to his very core, as he was beaten up at the very beginning of his journey as a martial artist by one of the strongest. His fear is later reinforced when Chun Myung Hoon, the strongest sage, claims that he does not know how strong he, himself, is. In recent times however, Noh has come to realize that he's stronger than he first believed relative to others, though he still harbors his fears.

Above all else Noh cares for his children, going so far as to suppress his fear of the Murim in order to save them. Every action Noh has taken since the beginning of the series has been first and foremost to ensure that his children have a better life and don't have to endure the struggles that he has. Though he finds himself increasingly exasperated by their insistence on pursuing martial arts.

History[edit | edit source]

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Noh Gajang is a peasant's son who was fostered at a young age by Mo Wei. In his childhood days, he was best friends with Heoh Maksoo and together, both resorted to thievery to survive. During his time with Mo Wei, Noh was trained in the Trillion Blows Martial Arts. The training was quite demanding, where he only slept 2 hours and trained the rest of the day. Mo Wei disciplined him and his body to greater endurance and stamina. He trained with his master at least till his early 20's, after which Mo Wei mysteriously disappeared, along with Heoh Maksoo's master.

Afterwards, Noh formed a mercenary group, whose members included Aak Gun and Sam Cho (Toad). As mercenaries, they received missions from local contractors and then rewarded with money if the mission was successful.

During his life as a mercenary, he met Seomoon Mira and they fell in love and got married. While Noh was worried that he wouldn't have enough to support his wife and prepare for the future, Seomoon appreciated his hard work and helped him make a home. Noh was extremely grateful for his wife and would put extra effort to give her a life of comfort and become a dutiful head of the family. Soon, Seomoon became pregnant and Noh considered leaving the life of a mercenary, so that he could always be there for his family and never at risk. When complications arose during the triplets' birth, Noh was asked by the midwife whether he wanted to save the child or his wife. Noh wanted to save Seomoon but she wanted to save the children. Unable to say no, he asked the midwife to save the children first and then his wife. Extremely surprised with the triplets and relieved to see them safe, he huddled with Seomoon to admire their children. Unfortunately, Seomoon passed away. He then made a promise that he will work harder than before to ensure their children grow up safe and would never suffer the slightest discomfort in their lives, even if it kills him. He names the children - Noh Gung Hyun, the eldest son; Noh Gung Myung, the younger son, and Noh Seo Hyun, his only daughter.

After performing the final rites of his wife, Noh started planning for his children's future. He made a decision to pursue jobs which were high-paying and low risk, as he could not lose his life and the children had no relatives to take care of them. A local merchant advised him to try enlisting in the Swords Clan or the Heavenly Dragon Association, as they paid well. At the tests involved at the Swords Clan, Noh outperforms any of the other warriors and surprises the evaluators with his skills. When he makes his salary demands to them, the Swords Clan evaluators decline and Noh pursues the Heavenly Dragon Association with his skills.

At the the Heavenly Dragon association, the Wise Dragon Ji Hakdo evaluates Noh and understands the value of his skills. He agrees to every demand Noh has and employs him as a First Rate Warrior. Meanwhile, he has his people find out about Noh's heritage and training, wondering who his master was. While Noh initially begins his employment with guard duty, Ji Hakdo assigns special missions to him through the Captain Ham Dae Heung. Noh succeeds in all his missions and his workload increases. With the increase in workload, he knows he will be kept away from his family and deliberately fails some missions. Ji Hakdo immediately understands Noh's behaviour and reduces his workload without reprimanding him.

Power and Abilities[edit | edit source]

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Steel Body - Noh's most potent ability during the course of the series is the durability of his body and inability (in most cases) to be knocked unconscious or killed by blows that would otherwise be lethal. This aspect of his training was emphasized by his master Mo Wei, and serves as the crux of Noh's fighting style. Noh has displayed the most impressive damage resistance in the series barring Chun Myung Hoon. Being able to completely resist sword thrusts from high level masters with just his skin as protection and also being able to endure being beaten to near unconsciousness by a master assassin in order to save his children.

Enhanced Strength - Noh has, as a result of neglecting his internal force and focusing only on his body, gained enormous strength through constant training. Towards the beginning of the series he was able to completely destroy a wooden training doll larger than the average person with a single blow, having at first simply knocked a hole in it (apparently a more impressive feat) and was later capable of damaging a Demon God with a similar style to him.

Advanced Martial Technique - While Noh's style has been described as "basic" by weaker characters, those with an advanced understanding of martial technique describe his movements as effective if somewhat reckless. This style of fighting is said to suit Noh's training as it allows his motions to be more direct while leaving openings that other martial artists wouldn't be able to sustain.

Experienced Mind - As a result of Noh's vast experience as a "special problems solver," he possess advanced knowledge of tactics and situational awareness to a greater degree than other characters. Deducing in a few hours how best to bait out a pack of assassins that had taken his children.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

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